Fairway’s successful retail investment portfolio is built on properties that are well positioned to serve both the neighborhoods they serve and our investment partners. We work closely with high quality, strong and well-resourced tenants and analyze potential for growth. We believe that our careful due diligence of each and every retail investment ensures that our criteria is met or  exceeded. It is an imperative that each property will make a positive contribution to Fairway’s total portfolio and those of our investment partners.


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Fairway seeks opportunities to be a source of equity for ground-up development of luxury apartment communities throughout the Sunbelt region. Communities with leading-edge amenities, that preserve native aspects of the site resulting in a quality, enduring development is our focus. We partner with experienced developers possessing deep market knowledge, that are skilled investors with a keen understanding of the equity and debt markets as well as the measurement of risk adjusted returns. The combination of market knowledge, development experience and investment skills between Fairway and its partners result in above-industry-average returns.


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Asset and property management teams establish close working relationships with tenants and vendors to ensure that customer present and future needs are understood and met. This personal, hands-on approach is the core of how Fairway executes business in order to maximize shareholder returns with high occupancy levels throughout the portfolio. Practical investment in existing portfolio properties to maintain the highest level of performance for our partners, tenants and customers is balanced with skillful and strategic investment in new properties to drive growth in shareholder returns.


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We believe that agility, experience, financial stability and integrity are the keys to our success in light of the significant risk and ever-evolving market conditions for industrial development. We believe in our processes, we believe in our people and we believe in the quality of our projects. Each project is carefully selected and thoroughly underwritten to ensure development risks are mitigated and risk adjusted returns can be achieved for our shareholders under current and future market conditions. We make decisions based on high probability occurrences and a long-term ownership objective. Therefore, investment partners, lenders, and municipalities alike have the assurance that a Fairway project will be of the highest standards.


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