Fairway Investments, LLC

Glenwood Square

1200-1218 Raleigh Road | Chapel Hill, NC 27517

The Property is idyllically set just one and one-half miles from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the oldest public university and one of the most recognizable college towns in the U.S. This exceptional infill location is proximate to abundant existing and proposed single- and multi-family residential neighborhoods, and numerous employment centers. Across NC Highway 54 from Glenwood Square sits the Glen Lennox Community, which is proposed to be redeveloped starting in 2018. The redevelopment will cover roughly 70 acres, and has the potential to bring 1,500 new residential units, 750,000 square feet of commercial space, new transit, bike and pedestrian facilities, and ample public and private open space, including parks and greenways. 

Property Manager
Sara Haight, Senior Property Manager
Fairway Management Group
Office: 205-402-9990
Cell: 704-778-7430